Celebrating Easter

Easter is this Sunday!  In celebration here are some ideas for eating throughout the day, fun things to do and decorations.



Banana crunch muffin, baked french toast, spinach and bacon quiche, ham quiche, hot cross buns, flatbread, carrot muffins, spinach and gruyere quiche, currant scones, honey-ricotta turnovers, caprese-style herbed strata, oven puffed pancake, apricot scones, honey-glazed bunny biscuits, cheesy sausage and egg bake,


Tangerine-glazed ham with carrots, Marmalade-glazed carrots with candied pecans, 4 cheese scalloped potatoes, spring shells and cheese, roasted asparagus, fig & orange glazed ham, easter bread, herbed leg of lamb with roasted turnips, buttered new potatoes, shrimp bisque, steamed crabmeat and coconut milk custard, salmon with orange butter glaze, bow tie ham bake, swiss-onion potato bake, cherry-stuffed ham, baked mediterranean cod and asparagus, orzo risotto with roasted vegetables,


Chick & egg cupcake, flower cupcake, strawberry lime stuffed cupcake, classic cupcakes with lemon meringue frosting, lemon thyme bars, easter pie, carrot cake, strawberry-orange fool, chocolate orange bread pudding, bird’s nest cookies, 1-2-3-4 lemon cake, lemon icebox cookies, lattice linzer torte, pastry puff eggs, chocolate covered matzos, strawberry shortcakes, layered yogurt fruit salad (gluten free), bunny puffs,


Relay races: carry eggs from one end of the yard to the other on a spoon.

Bocce: check out how to play bocce here, and use hard boiled eggs instead of balls.

Dye Easter Eggs: one of the old traditions with Easter time is dying hard boiled eggs, or those that you’ve blown (check out a how-to here).

Hide Easter Eggs: whether you paint them camouflage like I’ve seen in commercials lately or you just hide them around the house or yard, it’s lots of fun for kids of all ages.

Easter Crafts: on Monday I shared a whole bunch of fun activities and crafts you can do for Easter.


Crepe paper carrots, pussy-willow wreath and balls, colorful egg tree (outdoor idea), bunny fold napkins.

Of course you’ll want to use lots of fresh spring colors and pastels.  Choose a color theme or just coordinate colors with your dyed eggs or flowers.

What food, fun and decorations are you having at your Easter celebration?  Share your ideas below.


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