Easter Fun

Easter is right around the corner, and whether you’re celebrating it or not, here are some cute ideas that you can create with your kids, or for yourself!


Super cute bunny ears, bunny cracker treats, sleepy bunny, hopping fun origami bunny, bead bunnies, bunny fold napkins, adorable big eared bunny egg, bunny napkin rings, flop-eared bunny, thumb bunny card, sock hop, bunny paper chains, pom-pom bunnies.


Ice Cream container basket, magazine basket, flower power cups, Easter basket favors, daffodil candy cups, paper grass, flowered Easter basket, doily basket, felt Easter bags,


Bluebird egg, sponge painted eggs, edible chocolate eggs, egg shell mosaics, Easter Dove, egg dying with rubber bands, painting eggs with strings, thumbprint eggs, yarn eggs, egg animals, decorating eggs with crayons, eggshell votives, crepe paper eggs.


Jelly bean chick, baby chick beads, crunchy critters, pompom chicks, fuzzy chicks, plant pal, spring peeps card, fingerprint pals.

Have a great day!  Share any great bunny, basket, egg or chick crafts or projects you have too.

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