Earth Friendly for America

In April we celebrate Earth Day.  It’s also Keep America Beautiful Month.  To celebrate, here are 22 ideas to get your creativity started.

~make a stained glass American flag

~make a collage of your bit of America.  Your town, your life, your America

~color eggs in Earth colors or red, white and blues

~create a community garden

~paint a picture of your favorite spot in America

~sign petitions that support nature organizations (learn more at Charity Navigator)

~buy recycled paper notebooks to do your drawings

~scrapbook your travels to great American destinations like Yellowstone, Acadia, and Joshua Tree

~start a compost pile in your house or neighborhood

~create your greeting cards with recycled papers and other materials

~decorate your home with some barn stars

~buy or make all natural soap.  Your body and the drains will thank you!

~buy or make beeswax, palm wax or soy candles instead of the regular ones

~make a quilt of fabrics from all around America

~sculpt what freedom means to you

~create red, white and blue jewelry, or use traditional US stones like turquoise

~buy organic or eco-friendly clothes

~design a couple of bags that you can use for groceries!  They’re fun to decorate and you use them over and over again!

~create a photography collection of all things America.  This could include historical buildings, parades, public figures, or just natural America

~when doing wood working, choose your wood wisely.  Don’t use wood that comes from rare trees

~knit a blanket or baby’s cap with organic/natural fibers for a baby in need

~compose your own special song about natural beauty in the US

What have you done to celebrate Earth Day or make America more beautiful?  Share your thoughts and ideas below.

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