Fun, Funky, Creepy Crafts!

I’m so excited about this blog post.  For the last month as I’ve created blog posts I’ve been seeing very creative ideas for frogs, bugs and other spring related creatures!  Being that April is National Frog Month, and April also has Earth Day, I’m celebrating and highlighting the little guys and their fellow spring creatures!


Froggy Cupcakes, Pom Pom Frogs, Jumping Frogs, Frog in a Box, another Jumping Frog, Beaded Frog, Frog Door Hanger, Safety Pin Frog, Bean Bag Frog.


Egg Carton Bug Mobile, Insect Egg Cups, Beetle Baby, Bee Bouquet, Button Bugs, Bee Egg, Tumble Bugs, Crunchy Critters, Insect Finger Puppets.


Ladybug Rocks, Thumbprint Ladybugs, Ladybug Magnet, Ladybug Pencil Holder, Ladybug Tie Tack, Ladybug Candy, Ladybug Cupcakes.


Coffee Filter Butterflies, Pipe Cleaner Butterflies, Crystal Caterpillar, Smiley Caterpillar, Butterfly Cake, Origami Butterfly,  Tissue Paper Butterflies, Butterfly Switch Plate, Very Hairy Caterpillar, Winged Wonders, Cute Butterflies, “Stained Glass” Butterfly, Paper Chain Caterpillar, Handprint Butterflies, Bouncy Caterpillar, Butterfly Barrettes, Butterfly Cupcakes.

These are just a few ideas, I’d love to see what you’ve created with spring bugs and creatures as inspiration!  Share yours below.


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