FF: Doug Vokes

Happy April!  Today’s featured artisan is Doug Vokes.  He custom designs guitar art, as well as serigraphed paintings.  Let’s see what he has to inspire us with today.

Why are you so passionate about art?
As a “Visual Artist” the creative process becomes a way of life. Art becomes infused in life’s most simple pleasures. The ability to take that inspiration, work with your hands and breathe life into an idea is fuel for your passion!

What got you started?
Growing up in a creative enviornment has everything to do with it.  My father is a retired civil engineer with amazing technical drawing skills.   My mother was an unusually crafty person with many broad-ranging talents.  Numerous extended family members are or were involved in nearly every aspect of creative endeavor: fashion, architecture, jewelry, metalsmithing, glass… a love of antiques lead to published books and my aunt Bev White whose creative “Happy Tymes” teddy bears are known around the world.

What is your favorite piece?
I have to say my “ArtGuitar” Collection is the most rewarding and inspiring work I’ve done to date. The ability to work with sculptural sensabilities, using a virtually unlimited range of inspiration, materials, techniques and original processes makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop!!!

What are some of your future plans?
My ArtGuitar creations are catching like wildfire and I’m highly motivated to grow this artform to it’s limits.  With growth and support from industry professionals like The Martin Guitar Company and through private commissions, I hope to take on an apprentice or two when the need arises.  I’d also love the opportunity to teach design to interested folks and fuel others’ passions for art.

What tips and inspiration would you like to share?
Paramount, In my opinion – initial designs or sketches need to be executed in Black & White. Colors and textures can often confuse the issues of  basic design.  If it works in black & white – color, texture and layering can then be used to enhance a surface.  Also, please pick interesting subject matter to engage the viewer!

If you’d like to learn more about Doug, his guitars or his paintings, you can visit his website, and connect with him on Facebook.  For those of you on the east coast of the USA, Doug’s next next exhibit will be May 28, 29 & 30 in New York City at the Washington Square Art Exhibit in Greenwich Village.

I’m so inspired by Doug’s guitar art that it almost makes me want to learn guitar just so he can design one for me!  Thank you Doug and I look forward to seeing where your work takes you!

Share your thoughts and inspirations from Doug’s artwork below.


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