Creatively Celebrating St. Patricks

Today we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s with 28 creative ideas!

Stained glass: simple but gorgeous Celtic knot

Collage: make your collage in the shape of a cloverleaf, Celtic cross, or leprechaun.

Dance: how about some step dancing or a jig?

Coloring: green of course!

Sewing: make a leprechaun hat to show off

Flowers: shamrocks!

Painting: paint a gorgeous Celtic cross

Writing: write a shamrock-shaped limerick or a St. Patrick inspired prayer

Drawing: draw your pot of gold!

Embroidery: here are a couple cute embroidery ideas!

Scrapbooking: use different colors of green with white backgrounds

Cooking: Irish soda bread!

Cards: two cute ideas from Kelli

Decorating: get creative with green glasses, balls, flowers and linens

Soap: how about soap with shamrocks?

Quilting: festive table runner!

Origami: here are some different origami ideas

Sculptures: sculpting a leprechaun could be a challenge!

Jewelry: a Celtic knot with a green glass background would look nice

Collecting: leprechauns or beer steins!

Clothes design: Try this Irish inspired t-shirt

Crafts: make this cool straw cross

Web Design: do it up in green and orange!  Change a couple words and share some Irish inspiration!

Photography: photograph a parade!

Woodworking: try creating a Celtic harp

Knitting: a pretty and festive green and white scarf

Music: check out harp, fiddle or pipe music!

Sand: you could make a gorgeous Celtic cross with different colors of sand

What St. Patrick’s inspired artwork have you done?  Share your ideas below.


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