Introducing…Feature Friday!

Today I’m excited to introduce you to an idea I’ve been playing around with for a while.  Feature Friday.  I’ll be explaining what it is and how to get involved, and I look forward to your comments and suggestions!

Who: Creative people.

What: Each Friday I will feature a different creative individual or business.  I will share a little about who they are, what they do and include a link to some of their work.

When: Fridays.

Where: Here on my blog (and therefore mentioned on Twitter and in my newsletters).

Why: Because I know there are lots of great creative and inspirational individuals doing really great things, and I want to share them with you, my friends!  I never will ask you to buy from them (you can if you want to), I just want to help them get their message and creativity out into the world.

How: I will either find creative individuals that I would like to share, or you can suggest someone, or yourself, to me!  You can email me at or message me @growwithlaura on Twitter with your ideas.

So there we go! Feature Friday begins next week featuring an individual who works with stained glass.  Share your comments, thoughts and suggestions below!

Food for Love

Today we’re talking about food to celebrate Valentine’s day, or any other day you want to appreciate those you love.


Whole wheat pancakes and strawberry sauce!

Ideas from Food Network for Valentine’s Day!

Stuffed shells!

Twice baked potatoes!

Truffled red wine risotto with Parmesan broth!

Tilapia with mustard pecan topping!

Italian spiced chicken!

Shrimp with parsley butter and lemon!

Shrimp with pasta!

Lobster bisque!

Brie and apple-stuffed chicken breasts!

Jamaican style chicken!


Chocolate and pretzels!  Yum!

Pear and almond tart!

Healthier chocolate mousse!

Apple pie!

Turkish coffee pots de creme!

5 delicious and decorated sugar cookie ideas!

Festive cupcake ideas!

Cakes, cookies and other yummy ideas!

Pomegranate Panna Cotta (looks amazing!)!

And some warm drinks to go along with dinner and dessert!

What’s on your menu for Valentine’s Day?  Share yours below!

Creative Gifts of Love

Today I’m sharing some creative, and inexpensive, ideas for Valentine gifts!  If you missed out on last week’s creative ideas, you can check them out here.  Share your creative ideas below too!

Collage: make a collage of things that remind you of your special someone.  They could be pictures, movie tickets, restaurants and mementos.

Painting: try painting a heart for your special someone, or yourself, that illustrates your love!

Writing: write a heartfelt list of all the things you love about yourself, or your partner.  You don’t have to pretend you can write poetry, just write all the things you love about your partner!

Drawing: sketch each other for some valentines fun!

Cooking: Wednesday I’ll be sharing about lots of yummy meal and dessert ideas, and some drink ideas too! (I’ll update with a link on Wednesday!)

Decorate: use candles, red Christmas lights, and things your partner likes to make the event special for them.

Photographs: if you’re a photographer, either frame or assemble a collection of photos that captures what you love most about your partner, and the times you have spent together.

Wood: if you’re a wood worker, carving something that symbolizes your love or how you feel about that special someone is a heartfelt idea.

Sand in a jar:  maybe you’re a traveling couple.  Put some sand in a jar with miniature pieces that remind you of where you’ve been and the fun you’ve had (like this).

What creative gift are you giving your special someone for Valentines Day?  Share your gift below!

Creative Hearts

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I would share some creative fun you can have with hearts!  From the simple to the complicated, there are ideas for all skill levels and ages.

Stained glass with crayons or tissue paper

Button heart (use all those mismatched buttons up!)

Metal work heart

Soap hearts

Pot holder hearts

Quilling technique, displayed here on cards

Heart flowers

A present for your pet, catnip hearts (could be filled with something that smells prettier too!)

Papercut hearts (no not the painful kind)

Heart shaped valentine food

Knitted washcloth hearts

Hanging heart decoration

And if you want more, here are 50 some more heart related ideas!

Share your heart creativity below with either a link to your blog, online store or a picture!

Valentine Gifts

One of the best things about holidays is that everyone can celebrate.  Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love, it’s about love in general, of which families share love for each other.  So whether you’ve got a special someone who is 10 or 60, I’m sharing some ideas that may spark your creativity and get you inspired to share a little love with all those in your life.

-chocolate/food-I always love getting chocolate, tea or food as a gift

-a night out-it could be an overnight, or just a movie night out, just the two of you

-staying up late to watch a movie-you’re not going out but it’s something special for the two of you to do alone

-stuffed animal-just about everyone loves to have something cute to look at or cuddle

-a trip to a coffee shop-as someone who enjoys them, I’ve seen people of all ages excited to sit down with a drink or snack and talk with someone they love!

-creative supplies including tools-whether you’re gifting a man, woman, boy or girl, you can give them creative supplies or give them tools that they’ve been wanting

-sports tickets or gear-men, and many women, love sports, it’s perfect to give them tickets for just the two of you, or gear they’ll proudly wear

-take a walk-if you’re short on time, or maybe you just love walking outside together, this is a perfect way to have alone time together

-jewelry-just about everyone likes getting jewelry, whether it’s a chain, bracelet, ring, earrings or something else

-visit the zoo or another natural location-fun for all ages, it gives you the chance to do something different together

-of course, I can’t forget to mention the value of a handmade gift, it’s personal and fun too!

What fun secret activities or ideas do you have planned for your special someones on Valentines Day?  Share them below.