Celebrating Friendship

February is International Friendship Month.  In honor, I thought today we could talk about some fun things to do to celebrate our friendships!

1. Have a craft party!  It’s a lot of fun crafting, but if all of you get together and have a craft party, more fun for everyone!  This is great for all kinds of crafters: paper, wood, metal etc.

2. Treat them to tea, coffee, smoothies or a snack.  Food and drinks are a very simple way to celebrate friendships.  Since many friends meet at Starbucks or another coffee house, what better way to celebrate those relationships than to gift the other person a treat!

3. Send them a little gift.   Whether they’re far away or just down the street, everyone loves getting packages in the mail!  You can send them something homemade, or something you found on vacation or at the store.

4. Make lunch!  This is a great idea for food lovers, both men and women.  Guys can grill their steaks, chicken or fish on the grill and maybe even throw a ball or Frisbee around.  You can also do it buffet style and have everyone bring something.  This not only reduces stress for the host, but gives everyone an opportunity to share their favorite dishes.

5. Send/bring flowers.  This is more of a girl thing, but a great idea for gardeners and those with green thumbs.  Sharing your creative gift with others is important!

6. Make art in their honor, or name it after them.  Whether you’re just doing a special gift for their birthday, or are naming a big piece of artwork (of any kind), you can name it in their honor!  Most people are flattered and honored by this kind of attention, and it’s a great way to memorialize your friendship!

What creative ways do you celebrate your friendships?  Share your ideas below!

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