Food for Love

Today we’re talking about food to celebrate Valentine’s day, or any other day you want to appreciate those you love.


Whole wheat pancakes and strawberry sauce!

Ideas from Food Network for Valentine’s Day!

Stuffed shells!

Twice baked potatoes!

Truffled red wine risotto with Parmesan broth!

Tilapia with mustard pecan topping!

Italian spiced chicken!

Shrimp with parsley butter and lemon!

Shrimp with pasta!

Lobster bisque!

Brie and apple-stuffed chicken breasts!

Jamaican style chicken!


Chocolate and pretzels!  Yum!

Pear and almond tart!

Healthier chocolate mousse!

Apple pie!

Turkish coffee pots de creme!

5 delicious and decorated sugar cookie ideas!

Festive cupcake ideas!

Cakes, cookies and other yummy ideas!

Pomegranate Panna Cotta (looks amazing!)!

And some warm drinks to go along with dinner and dessert!

What’s on your menu for Valentine’s Day?  Share yours below!


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