Creative Gifts of Love

Today I’m sharing some creative, and inexpensive, ideas for Valentine gifts!  If you missed out on last week’s creative ideas, you can check them out here.  Share your creative ideas below too!

Collage: make a collage of things that remind you of your special someone.  They could be pictures, movie tickets, restaurants and mementos.

Painting: try painting a heart for your special someone, or yourself, that illustrates your love!

Writing: write a heartfelt list of all the things you love about yourself, or your partner.  You don’t have to pretend you can write poetry, just write all the things you love about your partner!

Drawing: sketch each other for some valentines fun!

Cooking: Wednesday I’ll be sharing about lots of yummy meal and dessert ideas, and some drink ideas too! (I’ll update with a link on Wednesday!)

Decorate: use candles, red Christmas lights, and things your partner likes to make the event special for them.

Photographs: if you’re a photographer, either frame or assemble a collection of photos that captures what you love most about your partner, and the times you have spent together.

Wood: if you’re a wood worker, carving something that symbolizes your love or how you feel about that special someone is a heartfelt idea.

Sand in a jar:  maybe you’re a traveling couple.  Put some sand in a jar with miniature pieces that remind you of where you’ve been and the fun you’ve had (like this).

What creative gift are you giving your special someone for Valentines Day?  Share your gift below!


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