Fun with Pie

I love playing with food, getting creative with food and sharing food with friends!  Today we’re talking about the fun and creativity you can have with pie!

Decorating pies

If you’re a metal worker, or you have one you know, creating handmade [cookie] cutters are a great way to add your own personal flair to the “vents” on the top of a pie.  Here’s one creative idea from King Arthur Flour.  Use  little rollers/cutters to add a special touch to the outside of your pie, and maybe even the top.

Pie sizes and shapes

Pies can and should come in all shapes and sizes including mini, square, and round.  Get creative for your next event, and present birthday pies in mini size, one for each person!

Pie fillings

Traditional dessert pie fillings featured here include pecan, apple, chocolate, key lime and peanut butter!

Try Vegetable Pot Pie, Corn, Lima bean and Lobster Shepherd’s Pie, or traditional Shepherd’s Pie for dinner this week!

What creative things have you tried with pies?  Share your horror stories, fun adventures and success stories below!

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