Creative Words

Last week I shared two posts, here and here, about words.  This week I was inspired to share with you my creative friends about we can do creatively with words!

The most obvious thing to do with words is writing.  I love writing!  It’s the main reason I write so many blog posts and a devotion each week.  Writing is a great way to express yourself and to get your thoughts on paper.  Even if you’re not a writer keeping a journal is a very important thing to consider.  Journaling is great for people of all ages and talents.  Writing is a great way to record your dreams, keep up with your passions, remember great events and fun parties and never forget the reasons you love those you love.

However, I was recently inspired by the “words” on a fellow writer’s blog post, and thought that we could also talk about the other ways we can be creative with words as well.

Art @ Red Letter Words







And of course we can’t forget music & lyrics, collages, scrapbooking, movies or web design!

What other great creative projects use words? Share your favorites, and your thoughts on sharing words below!


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