Favorite Hobbies!

January is hobby month.  What are your favorite hobbies to do in your downtime?  I enjoy art, gardening, outdoor recreation and more! Check out these hobbies and share your favorites below.

Collecting: seashells, trading cards, photographs, autographs, books, toys, trains, poetry, art, and more.  Great fun, and makes it easy for people to get you gifts!

Outdoor recreation: whether you hike, bike, fish, swim, mountain climb, do extreme sports or just enjoy sleeping in a tent, get outside this year and enjoy nature!

Performing arts: singing, acting, juggling, magic, dancing.  Hop over to YouTube and check out some rising stars, or some doing their best!

Games: card & board, and of course video games!

Cooking: The web is full of great cooking inspiration.  WordPress.com usually features a great food blogger or two, and Foodnetwork.com always has new recipes!  Twitter is another great way to find new recipes.

Gardening: whether you have a big backyard, or just potted herbs in your kitchen, gardening is a bright and healthy activity!

Reading: Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, History, Non-Fiction and more!  Magazines, comics and newspapers too!  Check out your local library

Woodworking, photography, moviemaking, jewelry making, playing a musical instrument, restoring a car, metalworking & more.

Share your talented designs, or add a favorite hobby below!

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