Getting Creative with Snow

It may not be snowing where you are in the world, but today I’m sharing some ideas for getting creative with snow.

Jewelry: there are tons of snowflakes or snow themed creations on

Cooking: try snow ice cream or snow slushies

Writing: some are inspired by the beach, but there is something that tickles the writer when watching snow fall or rest on tree branches.  If you can, stop and watch the snow fall for a while.

Web design- add snow to your website

Photograph-in addition to capturing the falling snow with your camera, catch some falling snow on a piece of black paper, put the paper in the freezer and check it out a few hours later.  Photograph the images for use in other creative projects.

Sculpture-snow sculpture or ice carving

Greeting cards

Sewing, knitting, Quilting, Crocheting

Cut snowflakes out of paper or coffee filters

Winter wonderland craft

Create an authentic looking stained “glass” snowflake

Check out my other blog for more snow fun!

What fun creations have you come up with?  Share your ideas below.


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