A New Year of Creativity

With the new year a few hours away, I want to encourage all of my creative readers to get ready for the new year.

Plan for the New Year

-new products

-new styles

-new colors

-new websites/stores

Reconsider what you’ve been doing and who you’ve been serving in 2010, get ready for 2011

-upgrade: maybe you have some products that you could upgrade to bring in more income or a new market.

-downgrades/remove items: make sure the items you list are still desirable and that you want to continue making them.

-new market: look for new markets and websites you can list your products on

-totally change products: maybe a product or two would be given a whole new life with a face-lift or redesign.

Make sure you’re still inspired for 2011

-check your inspiration: no matter how long you’ve been pursuing the creative market, make sure you’re still inspired to be doing what you’ve been doing.

-schedule inspiration into your life: plan opportunities for inspiration into every day, week and month.  From reading and listening to traveling, make sure you’re getting inspired.

Finally, remember your ‘why’.  Remember why you’re in the creative field, why you’re creating these items, why you’re doing what you’re doing.  If you’re considering a creative career, check your ‘why’ before you get started.

Share your ‘why’ and other thoughts on your creative 2011 below!

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