Celebrating the New Year

The new year is right around the corner, and as you’re planning your celebration, here are some suggestions to get you inspired and celebrating!


Check out Food Network’s whole collection or see these other links:

cocktail party foods: including mini ceviche, fried motzarella bites, crostini ala romana, smoked salmon dip, stuffed baby bellas, chocolate strawberry dessert and fig and port tartlets.

more winter entertaining food ideas: including Swedish meatballs, potato bites, Guinness sundaes, braised short ribs and more

-drinks: check out these organic cocktail recipes, champagne ideas, and retro cocktails

-dinner party: tangerine beef, pork & chanterelle mustard sauce, and lobster salad entree ideas

-sweet treats: whoopie pie, orange chocolate bread pudding, and chocolate hazlenut tart

* If you’re doing New Year’s Day brunch try these out: cheese potato pie, chocolate drizzled french toast, cheddar, ham & egg casserole.


Get creative with your decorating this year.  Celebrate with red, white & blue, or red & green, or all blue all the way. Do something fun and different!

Decorate with: crepe paper/streamers, colorful plates, candles, stars, snowflakes (keep your kids busy!), and lights

Also check out this functional centerpiece idea from Martha Stewart


While you’re waiting for the ball to drop, or whatever you do to celebrate the arrival of the new year, here are some suggestions for keeping busy.

-board games: an old favorite for many, have everyone bring their favorite to the party.

-music: dancing, guitar hero, musical chairs, karaoke and other fun activities all center around music

-food: don’t just have your guests eat your food, have them help you make it! Do mini pizzas, sundaes and other super hands on and fun activities.

-snow: with the abundance of snow we received this past weekend in the East Coast USA area, sledding, snowmen, snowball fights and other activities are great fun!

Share your ideas for partying in the New Year below!

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