Creative Growth

Being creative is lots of fun, has many benefits and can also be a great source of income and pleasure sharing.  One of the most rewarding things is to share your creative insights.  But it’s important to stay inspired and not get overwhelmed by your need to produce and create.  Today’s post offers you some ideas for keeping balance in your life and finding new inspiration and ideas.

-take a class online/offline

-read new books

-sign up for email newsletters

-read blogs

-check your gut (make sure you’re doing it for the right reason, and doing the right thing)

-check feedback and community (ask people what they want, what they need and what they’re looking for)

-be in touch with your emotions (authentically creative items are more attractive to people)

-be creative (try something different every so often to keep your mind thinking!)

Share your favorite ways to grow personally and creatively below!


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