Holiday Drinks

Today I’m sharing a collection of recipes for holiday drinks for everyone!

From Food Network, 50 holiday drinks, recipes right there on the page!

26 Drinks from What To Drink including Red Hot Chocolate, Candy Cane Swirl, Mexicabo Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate Butternut, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Chocolate Milk Whip, Sunny Holiday Punch, and Steaming Hot Holiday Punch

23 drinks from Better Homes and Gardens including Pomegrate Sparklers, Chocolate Blitzen, Peppermint Eggnog Punch, Winter Fruit Sangria, Hot Buttered Cider, and Apple Sparklers.

Some vegan friendly drink thoughts from VegNews.

Allrecipe’s collection of holiday drinks including varieties of eggnog, hot chocolate, coffee, mulled cider, wassail and punch and champagne cocktails.

6 drink recipes, 3 for adults and 3 for kids and non-drinkers

(If you’re indulging, don’t read the calorie count for some popular drinks featured on the Mayo Clinic website)

Share your favorite holiday inspired drinks below!


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