Creative Gifts

Gift finding craze has begun!  Today I’m sharing 21 creative gifts to gift your favorite family member or friend.  Don’t forget to use your own creative talents in your gifting too!

1-stained glass: Buy stained glass depicted on blank cards from lovelythings

2-collage: a cutting board with a collage

3-dance: reason to dance wooden sign

4-coloring: a colorful sugar bowl adds joy to any kitchen

5-sewing: sewing machine earrings, and custom organizer

6-flower arranging: flowery drink coasters

7-painting: cuff links for the artist in your life

8-writing: gift the writer in your life with some inspiring music

9-drawing: take some of their drawings and have them made into a scrapbook

10-music: simple yet elegant music and fabric wreath

11-sand: sand painting inspired necklace

12-cooking: try sushi or chicken wing soap

13-decorating: a leather journal custom made for the decorator in your life to record all of their brilliant ideas

14-wood working: give an origami bonsai tree to your wood lover

15-knitting: this decorative wire starfish sculpture is a perfect addition to a knitter’s space

16-quilting: gift this wooden quilters puzzle

17-origami: how about an origami inspired pillow?

18-sculptures: get them a photograph of a sculpture like this one

19-jewelry: keep your jewelry in a gorgeous glass box

20-video/movies: gift a quilt or blanket to your movie lover

21-collecting: give a video camera so your collector can record their collection

(there may only be one of each product, my apologies if they’re gone before you get there!)

Share your great creative gift ideas below!


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