Healthy Holiday Treats

For many people around the world, the holidays are all about food!  Today’s post features a collection of healthier holiday favorites to help you keep your figure in trim yet still enjoy the holiday food fun!

Brunch & Appetizers

  • A healthier holiday brunch featuring spiced hot cocoa, carrot muffins, mini spinach and mushroom quiches, grapefruit brulee and arugula and roasted fruit salad with panettone croutons.
  • Hot Crab Dip


  • A healthier Hanukkah meal featuring Babaganoush, chopped salad with lemon and dill, baked Felafel sandwiches, homemade applesauce and apple cranberry phyllo turnovers.
  • A healthier Christmas or holiday meal featuring fresh whisky sours, clams casino, roasted beef tenderloin with roasted pepper and black olive sauce, sauteed spinach, baked potatoes and creamy herb topping and radiance fruit salad.
  • A lighter green bean casserole
  • baked potatoes with creamy herb topping
  • Vegetarian ideas include baked penne with roasted vegetables
  • Pepper, pomegranate and molasses glazed turkey
  • Pork medallions with cherry sauce
  • Ginger poached salmon with lime basil cream



  • ginger cookie
  • Lighter chocolate chip cookie & gluten-free chocolate chip cookie
  • ginger, pecan oatmeal cookie
  • (get other, traditional, Christmas cookie recipes here)

Eating Well’s holiday collection

Web MD’s merry makeovers

Share your favorite healthy holiday foods below!


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