Holiday Memories

Today’s blog post will be short in hopes that you will take a few moments to connect with the links and thoughts included.

Enjoy a touching collection of memories shared by readers on

Capturing the memories:

Photographs & Scrapbooking: Creating a scrapbook for each of your children, or relatives may sound like a daunting task, but it’s one way to keep the memories alive.  If one for each is too scary, make one big family scrapbook and ask each family member to contribute pictures and captions.

Picture Frames: Using a frame like this, gather and display all your favorite holiday memories for all to see.

Christmas Journals: Give each family member an opportunity to either email or hand write their memories each year of the holidays, and favorite all time memories in a journal.

Christmas Collage: Create a collage of family images and thoughts.  Doing this after opening gifts and using the wrapping paper in the collage is a fun family activity.

Christmas Quilt: For those who are a little more hands on, create a quilt displaying fabrics that represent holidays past, either fabrics that make you think of snow, beaches or people, or using actual fabrics from people that they no longer wear/use/fit

Christmas Movie/Video: In this age of video, I must mention taking a video of holiday gift sharing, parties and family gatherings.

Share your Holiday memories below, reminiscing about the people who made/make your holidays special, and the special memories you will treasure forever.


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