Christmas Decorations

The holidays are here!  We’re a few days into Hanukkah, and heading towards Christmas and Kwanzaa.  But whether you have a traditional holiday celebration, you’re waiting for Santa, or you just like to spread cheer once a year, decorating is an exciting event for all!  Today I’m sharing some wreath, tree, mantle & stockings, outdoors, cute miniature villages and table decorations to inspire you and share the holiday spirit.  Share your ideas and suggestions too!

Christmas Wreaths

Good Housekeeping’s ideas

Wreaths, table decorations and more

More wreaths

Some different ideas

A how-to for making a wreath from ornaments

Christmas trees

Trees, table toppings and more

See my other post on decorating Christmas trees

Mantle and stockings

Christmas red

33 ideas

More ideas including some fresh, clean ideas


Don’t forget about the creative or traditional light decorating!

Wrap your door


A collection of buildings from one set

Lemax, Thomas Kinkade, and Snow Village Villages

Table Decorations

Brilliant reds, gorgeous golds, greens, brilliant blues, sterling silver and creative…

Ideas from TLC, Home Base Designs, Yossawat, Good Housekeeping, Deco Love, Celebrations at Home, Bird & Berry, A Creative Project, Home Interior Designs 1 & Home Interior Designs 2, and more.

This is only a small sampling of the decorating possibilities of the holiday season. What do you enjoy decorating most?  Share your thoughts and ideas below.


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