Thanksgiving Celebration!

Well, Thanksgiving is almost here in the USA!  Today I’m excited to bring you thoughts about your Thanksgiving celebration!


Food is a must.  Whether you prefer the traditional turkey, a fried turkey, a turduckhen or are going vegetarian, there are lots of great options out there.

Food Network has a whole section of their website devoted to the festive foods of thanksgiving.

Epicurious has a great selection of food ideas, as well as drinks and videos to help you.

Family Fun has desserts, appetizers and more.

Eating Well has some suggestions for a healthier Thanksgiving dinner table.

101 Cookbook shares some ideas for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Last but not least, some cute dessert ideas.

Setting the table:
  • Flowers and centerpeice:

Creative, colorful, unique and easy to do ideas for flowers from The Full Bouquet.

And a cute and easy pumpkin and candle addition to the table or any decoration.

  • Place settings:

Festive and easy napkin rings from Merriment Design

A great placecard idea for a turkey-themed celebration.


Send out your invitations and Thanksgiving greetings on this gorgeous, homemade card.

If you’re a woodworker or fan of painting, check out this idea for a funny Thanksgiving decoration (and some early Christmas ones too!)

Two more great ideas, one for indoors and one for outdoors that will add charm and feelings of warmth to your celebration.

Last but not least, get the kids involved in some creative, but messy papier mache creating gourds and pumpkins.

Share your favorite recipes, decorations and thankful thoughts below!

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