Photographing the Holidays

One of the most important things besides the holidays themselves, is the memories associated with the holidays.  You may not always remember the holiday, who was at the party or what you got, but if you’re taking photographs, you’re assured memories forever.

Nature: Take pictures of your area in this season.  Whether you celebrate the holidays with snow on the ground, or you’re on a sunny beach, capture those moments. Holidays seem to add a special something to nature, a special sparkle if you will.  Photographing those snow covered trees, birds eating the seeds you put out for them, sandy snowmen or “Mrs. Clause” in a bikini, are not only great for holiday cards, they’re also ways to express your creativity and what your creative eyes see in the world.

People:  Taking pictures of your family and friends will ensure that the memories will last forever.  Photographs capture moments in time that cannot be replicated, repeated or redone.  You may shoot the moment the dog knocks the tree down, your twins rip open a present together, the joy in your partner’s face when you give them that specially created gift or the peace your friends have all sitting at the table enjoying a meal or drinks together.

Inside and out: Photograph those decorations!  Hopefully you’ll get lots of compliments on your decorating abilities.  Rather than not being able to replicate what you did next year, or even remember it, take photos to remember your creativity and great ideas. (Tip for taking pictures in the dark)

Share it: Share your holiday treasures with the world.  Whether you post your images on a blog, on Facebook or Twitter or another site, share your holiday cheer with others.  If you’re fortunate enough to live next to someone with tons of holiday cheer and a brightly lit house, ask them if they’re sharing their creativity online, and if not, ask if you can share their creativity with your online community.

Don’t forget to check online for ideas about camera exposure and taking photographs at night or inside if you’re not an expert.  There are tons of great and creative ideas online.

Share your blogs with holiday photos and photographic techniques below!

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