Homemade Bread Party

Today, November 17th, is Homemade Bread Day!  There are tons of things you can do to have a bread-tastic event today or this weekend, whenever you’re going to celebrate!  Check out these ideas and share yours!

Celebrate the chef: Decorate simple white/colored aprons for the baker.  If you’re doing this with a group, each person gets to decorate their own apron to fit their own personality and their love of bread (or any other food.)

Bread tasting: Just like a wine tasting party, you can host a bread tasting party!  Have toppings, oil and butter that people can try on their bread varieties.  Bread ideas include pumpkin, sourdough, rye, Hawaiian sweet bread, french bread, italian bread, whole wheat, whole grain, flax, banana, and boston brown bread.

Fondue party: What goes better than cheese with bread?  You can purchase (or maybe even rent) a fondue pot for as little as $35.

Sandwich party: If you’re not into fondue or would rather not pick over your food, celebrate homemade bread day by making some sandwiches.  Toppings are your choice, but make sure to use homemade bread!

It would be ridiculous to not mention the easiest way to make homemade bread, using a bread machine.  There are tons of varieties available for sale between $50 and $100.  Larger models, as well as more complex models are available for more.  King Arthur Flour, Hodgson Mill, and Bob’s Red Mill are 3 companies who sell bread mixes, and there are tons of recipes online for making your own bread.

Share your favorite bread activity, type or recipe below!


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