Celebrating Veterans

Today we’re talking about a very important topic, celebrating veterans! Next week, November 11, 2010 will be the day that America celebrates and remembers their veterans who served bravely in the wars.  Regardless of whether you support the wars that America has been involved in, I think it is very important to celebrate veterans.

While there are tons of things you can do, including throw a party for the veterans in your family or neighborhood, there are some simpler things you can do to show your appreciation and let them know they are remembered.

1. Write a thank you note to a veteran (if you’re a crafty person, have a card making party with some friends and make a bunch!)

2. Write a newspaper editorial, or letter to the editor expressing your appreciation.

3. Interview a veteran about their experiences and how they have impacted their life.

4. Have kids, or students, draw pictures to send to veterans.

5. Financially support The National Military Family Association, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and other veteran organizations (visit Charity Navigator & search ‘veterans’ to find other organizations)

6. Donate food, clothes and other resources to Vietnam Veterans, AMVets and other organizations who are local to your area.

7.  Don’t have money or resources?  Hold a charity bake sale or other fundraising event at a local church, school or supermarket, and donate the proceeds.

8. Attend a Veteran’s Day program in your community to support your local veterans.

9. Visit a veteran/military museum and learn more about what the veterans did.

10. Ask a veteran what you can do for them.

Share your thoughts on celebrating and remembering Veterans and their service below.  Thank you veterans!


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