Seasonal Collages

The season of holidays that we’re in lends itself very well to today’s topic: making collages. There are so many holidays and events together, fall, halloween, thanksgiving, winter, christmas etc, and all in these 3 months.   And while it can all be fun, especially since it’s only 3 months every year, it can be too much.   It can be overwhelming with family visits, tons of events, lots of gifting, and lots of planning activities with lots of food.  While I encourage you to take advantage of this festive time, I highly suggest you take extra steps to protect your down time too.

October, November and December come with lots of memories and fun events.  What better thing to do with your down time, other than nap, but to make collages.  Creating a collage is both fun and relaxing.  It’s also a great way to remember memories, get through tough times and process situations. You can use the abundance of magazines that enter homes this time of year in your creations, as well as pictures and greeting cards.  What could you make a collage of?

Cards: putting all your holiday cards together in a creative, artsy way is a great way to display them

Memories: memories are very special.  Using photographs or images that symbolize events can help you remember and enjoy them this season.

Seasonal items: make a collage of turkeys, snowmen, christmas trees, scary things, snowflakes and fall foliage

People: make a collage of friends, family, and others who are important to you using pictures you’ve taken at fun events this/last year

Emotions: things that scare you, things you’re thankful for, things that bring you joy.

Colors: put seasonal colors together to make an image or just be a colorful display, ie red/yellow/orange, red/green/white.

Share your memories and thoughts below!


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