October is National Popcorn month.  In celebration I’ve gathered a bunch of history, resources and some delicious recipes!

History of popcorn:

Fans have been eating popcorn for over 5000 years scientists believe.  People popped the ears of corn by throwing it on sizzling hot stones near a campfire.  It was then a game and challenge to catch the pieces of popcorn that flew off the cob before they landed in the fire.  Popcorn was even present at the 1st Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the USA.  Popcorn carts were popular in the late 1800’s and popcorn is found in supermarkets, on street corners and in some restaurants today.  (Check out Popcorn History and What’s Cooking America for more info!)

Popcorn recipes:

An Allrecipes recipe for caramel popcorn

3 great recipes (rocky road, cheese, sweet & sour) from Food Network

Halloween popcorn from About.com

A variety of Popcorn recipes

Fun with Popcorn!

Popcorn Books

Fun arts, crafts and other projects for Popcorn

Don’t forget to make a popcorn garland too!  Whether you decorate your house for Halloween, your table for Thanksgiving or your tree for Christmas, it’s fun for all ages!

Of course you could pop some popcorn and eat it while watching you’re favorite movie!

Popcorn resources:

Popcorn.org not only does it have food ideas, it has all things popcorn.

Orville Redenbacher’s website has great recipes and more fun info

~Share your fun memories of popcorn below!


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