Chasing the Chill with Quilts

It’s a blustery fall day here in the Northeast USA and a perfect day to talk about staying warm with quilts!

Quilts are a great way to be expressive both of your personal style, as well as memories.  Many people make memory quilts with pieces of old garments that have special memories attached to them but can’t be worn any longer.   They’re wonderful to wrap yourself in while you’re reading a good book, pouring over business work, snuggling with a special someone or relaxing and watching TV.

There are tons of resources online as well as tutorials and websites to order fabrics.  So, I thought I would highlight some Twitter friends’ quilting abilities today.

Ann Brauer, Cara Wilson, Jen Schoenberger.  These women all sell quilts on their websites or Etsy (visit Etsy for other great quilters!).

Another friend has a quilting resources website.

Linda sells super creative quilted postcards!

Share your favorite quilt resources, stores and memories below!


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