31 days of Halloween

Halloween provides lots of great opportunities for being creative and crafty!  Today I’m sharing 31 different ways to be creative!

1-stained glass: 6 spooky decorations or ideas

2-collage: use items that have the colors purpose, orange and black in them to create your scary or fun collage.

3-dance: whether you’re scaring someone or dancing, having core strength and being able to move smoothly and with stealth are important.

4-coloring:  use oranges, reds, purples and yellows, and highlight with silver and black

5-sewing: October is the perfect opportunity to display your sewing skills in a Halloween costume.

6-flower arranging: several great seasonal ideas to add something special to your flower arrangements

7-painting: paint a scary scene on your pumpkin!

8-writing: use your creativity and fears to write a scary story!

9-drawing: sit outside and sketch the scary scene of decorated houses and trick-or-treaters!

10-needlepoint/embroidery: a great selection of needlepoint ideas for Halloween!

11-scrapbooking: use real fall leaves to add interest and variety to your scrapbook.

12-cooking: Spooky Punch

13-card making: very creative Halloween card idea

14-decorating: A Halloween decorating idea with pumpkins!

15-soap: Candy Corn soap!

16-acting: act out scary movie characters for some fun and acting practice!

17-quilting: Trick-or-treat candy bag idea

18-papier-mache: make a papier-mache ghost!

19-sculptures: create a pumpkin out of clay, fabric, wire or wood!

20-jewelry: try using spider webs in your creations.

21-video/movies: A tip for shooting movies at night

22-collecting: collect apples, witches hats or broomsticks!

23-clothes design: a Halloween costume, what else!

24-crafts: A spooky and realistic ghost!

25-crafts: Halloween masks, coloring pictures and more for the kids!

26-web design: share trick-or-treat safety tips (or a link to some) on your homepage

27-photography: don’t miss your kids because it’s too dark out!  One idea to get great pictures here.

28-wood working: build some old fence panels to scare off visitors!

29-knitting: cute knitted Halloween ghosts!

30-music: make your own spooky music for Halloween!

31-sand: scare visitors with a haunted pirate island display!

Share your favorite creative Halloween activity below!


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