Yoga: Mind, Body, Spirit

Today I’m excited to share with you about one of my favorite activities, yoga!  I invite you to journey with me through 3 aspects of yoga.

History of yoga:  Yoga is a physical and mental practice that originated in India, possibly as early as 1700 BC.  There are several different branches and schools or approaches to yoga that have developed over the years.  Yoga has always been a practice to help unite mind, body and spirit.

Yoga for the body: Hatha Yoga is the type of yoga most people are familiar with that traditionally involves body movement to help prepare you for mental or spiritual activities.  Many people participate in Hatha Yoga today because of the great physical benefits that are gained through the practice of yoga.  Through yoga, one develops strength, stability, balance, posture, and flexibility. Learning how to breath properly is another benefit that comes from properly practicing yoga.

Yoga for life:  Yoga is not only a physical practice, many of the skills used and learned in Hatha Yoga, and other yoga practices, can be applied to everyday life.  Good breathing is essential to reducing stress, being composed, having energy and supporting mental abilities.  With core strength, you are better able to support yourself while working or playing with kids.  Balance and stability are two aspects you learn in regards to your physical body through yoga but are essential to living life well also.  If your body is more flexible and supple, you will experience less injuries and physical difficulties as you grow older.

Yoga is an easy practice to start.  There are tons of DVD’s, books, websites and videos that show you both basic and advanced postures.  There are also classes that you can take in most areas.

Share why you love yoga below!


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