Creative Greetings

Tomorrow, October 2, is a holiday in the creative world, World Card Day!  To celebrate we’re going to talk about those creative and amazing cards!

Let’s be clear though, why make a card when you can buy one that’s already complete with cute saying, pretty colors and an envelope?  First, to share inspiration.  Your card says what you want it to say. If you go to a store you could spend hours, and visit many stores, to find a card that kind of fits the person and the holiday.  So by making your own card, you have the ability to choose the inspiration and words inside, choose the cover decoration, and continue sharing your creativity on the back!  Second, it allows you to be creative.  You could dress the Easter bunny in a Santa hat, or put Santa on a beach.  You could use candy stripes and simple colors.  You could even put a person’s picture on the card!  You show off your creativity and you show their personality and style on your card too.  Third, creating your own card makes you different!  You don’t have to worry about your Holiday card matching someone else’s, no more duplicate birthday cards, and no more boring cards!  The card industry could use a makeover in many areas, and by creating your own cards, you have total control over the simplicity, detail, design, inspiration and styling of the cards you give and send out.

If you’re feeling stuck on ideas, or don’t know where to start, don’t worry!  There are tons of websites (and books) that can help you get started.

Official World Card Day Website

Making Greeting website: has lots of projects, ideas, tips, resources and other creative resources’s Card Page: ideas, seasonal thoughts and visitor submitted pictures

(don’t forget to Google image search homemade cards!)

Card Ideas blog: many pictures, and information about card making products

Handmade Cards website: card ideas and more

Sewn cards: a creative idea to incorporate into your cards

(also visit craft stores, and look up famous crafters like Martha Stewart for more ideas)

Share your card making blog/website, and ideas, below!


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