Hiking Inspiration

Fall is one of the best times to go hiking because not only is it cooler, but it’s also beautiful.  Let’s talk about some of the creative inspiration you can find while hiking.

Relaxation: When you are relaxed, your brain can work best to inspire you with great creative ideas.  Taking time to get out in nature and enjoy the fresh air, as well as be immersed in nature will get those creative juices flowing.   It’s also great if you’re feeling blocked creatively, or uninspired.  Find out more about the benefits of hiking at another post I wrote here!

Trees:  Do you remember when you were a kid and they made you do rubbings of tombstones or strange objects?  Well, trees are great inspiration for a belt, bracelet, painting and much more.  You could do a rubbing of the bark, or bring your camera along and photograph the details you notice.  Don’t forget to bring along a crayon or charcoal pencil to do your rubbing!

Leaves: Take advantage of the shapes, colors and falling leaves while you’re walking.  Bring a bag to collect leaves that strike and inspire you.  Use your camera to take pictures of leaves traveling down streams or still on trees.

Animals: Animals are out eating food before the cold of winter, so it’s a great time to capture deer, squirrels, bears and other animals out in nature.  Just be careful, and keep your distance.  A great telephoto camera lens will help you capture the animals without getting too close.

Scenery: Whether you’re thinking poetry, sewing, photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, yoga or collages, taking scenic pictures can inspire you and be the source of many great creations.

What will your hike inspire you to create?  Share your inspirations below 🙂

National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month.  In honor of this, today’s blog post features some suggestions for celebrating and honoring this month.

1-learn how to sew

2-teach your kids/grandkids how to sew

3-fix the things (socks, buttons, rips, tears) you’ve been meaning to sew for a while

4-fix things for someone else

5-learn how to use a sewing machine

6-join (or start) a sewing club online or in your area

7-start a sewing project

8-learn about the history of sewing

9-visit a local fabric store to pick up some fabric and some ideas (both Michaels and JoAnn Fabric have free project ideas in-store and online)

10-offer to teach an introductory sewing class or workshop at the local middle or high school for students

11-follow/friend creative sewing artists on Twitter and Facebook

For the readers who do sew, I invite you to share your webpage for other readers to connect with you.  And all are welcome to share other ideas you have for celebrating National Sewing Month below 🙂

In Celebration of Grandparents

One thing I love very much are Grandparents!  This upcoming Sunday, September 12 is dedicated as a day to celebrate Grandparents in the USA.  So in honor of Grandparents day, we’re going to talk about holding a celebration for Grandparents.

One great idea is to celebrate by hosting a ‘when they were young’ party.  Eat food that would have been popular when the Grandparents were young.  There are lots of recipes on the internet that can help you get creative.  Also creating some appropriate decorations would be fun!

Grandchildren should make a special gift (and card) for their grandparents.  (Grandparents love to hang homemade gifts on their refrigerators!)  Kids are creative so they should be able to come up with their own ideas, but if they are stuck, pictures, stories, crafty creations, handbags, decorative boxes for holding things, and clay creations are a few great places to start.

Another great way to spend Grandparents day is to take the Grandparents out somewhere special. Maybe they don’t get out frequently or don’t have their own car anymore.  Bring them to the beach, a nice restaurant, a park, their grandchildren’s next sporting event, or the Grandparent’s favorite place.

Grandparents are very special and very important.  How will you celebrate their amazing lives this Sunday?

I Dream of String

String is lots of fun to play with and be creative with.  It’s another great creative tool to always keep around the house.  You can use it for tons of projects and creative ideas.  Let’s consider a few fun things to do with string.

1-Friendship bracelets.  Friendship bracelets are great for the kids to make, or for you to get creative with and sell online.

2-Braiding. Another great activity for kids, or for using decoratively on other items like bags, blankets, etc.

3-Knitting.  Probably the most obvious use of string is knitting.  Knitting is a very rewarding creative project.  You can knit Christmas presents, quilts, and clothes.

4-Kittens and string.  If you’ve got a kitten or have friends with cats, you know how much they love to chase string.  If you haven’t had the chance to watch a cat with string, visit YouTube and see what cat owners have uploaded.

One of the great things about string is that it is more forgiving than other creative items and can typically be relatively easily undone to rectify a mistake. So not only does working with string help reduce your stress level, you don’t create new stress when you make a mistake!

Just a few stringy thoughts to keep you company this Monday 🙂


What better way to celebrate a new school year than with a party!?  Today’s blog post will give you some creative ideas for getting the kids back in gear for school and have fun!

Location: A park, big backyard or even on the first day of school outside.  Make sure there are tables for food and for grown-ups to sit at.

Food: Fresh, sliced veggies (cut your own, it’s cheaper, but if you can’t you can order a veggie platter), grapes, watermelon, mini sandwiches or bagel quarters/halves, popcorn, tortilla chips, cookies for dessert.

Activities: Relay race with rulers for batons, scavenger hunt/checklist looking for hidden school items, bookmark decorating (cut bookmark sized strips from cardstock (this is a sample, could use white or colored cardstock))

Grab bag: Use a pencil case or plastic pencil box (these are 2 examples, shop around for great deals). Fill the pencil container with pencils, erasers, granola bar, mini notebook (3×4″), crayons/colored pencils (buy in bulk and divide them up), glitter pen etc.

Have you done a back to school party?  Share your ideas and suggestions below!