Celebrating Dogs

As we’re finishing the month of September, we have another great week of celebration in the USA.  The last week of September is known as National Dog week!  Share some love for your furry friends!

Dogs and other pets bring great health benefits to their owners.  If you’ve got a dog you’ve got the opportunity to take a daily walk!  I’ve enjoyed seeing many dogs and their owners out for exercise this past summer.  Dogs are known to bring joy to their owners, lower their stress level, encourage friendships and are often therapeutic for those who are sick or injured.  Dogs know when their owners have had a tough day or are excited and are eager to encourage and sympathize, or be excited with them.

Dogs have a zest for life that is undeniable.  From panting tongue to wagging tail, a dog’s excitement to walk, eat, sleep and be with humans in contagious.

Dogs are great friends, they don’t ignore each other but rather always greet each other cheerfully.

Dogs are inquisitive.  They continue to try to dig that hole, find that bone, smell that smell, chase that squirrel and discover more about people visitors in “their” home.

Although dogs don’t have the vocal cords that we humans have, they do communicate well with us.  However, that communication is not in the form of judgment, hatred or dislike.  Dogs have the amazing ability to love unconditionally, always encourage and consistently be supportive of their owners.

We humans would be wise to pay more attention to and learn from our furry friends.  How will you celebrate the joy and life your dog brings to your life? Share what you have learned from your furry friend, or how they have improved your life below.

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