Know Thyself

At some point in time everyone asks what their purpose is, what their value is, and what their life means.  The only way you can truly answer these questions is by spending time with yourself! Whether you’ve made some decisions and don’t like how things are going, or you’ve decided to start down a new path, one great way to learn about yourself is through being creative.  Today’s three activities will help you on your journey of discovery.

Take a creative class:  There are tons of classes you can take to encourage your creativity.  Many local high schools and colleges offer classes (from 1-6 sessions) throughout the year that can help you learn more about beading, ceramics, painting, drawings, mosaics, stained glass, computers, web design, cooking, crocheting, gardening, sewing, music, dance, photography, spirituality, sports and more.  Stores offer classes as well, including craft stores like Michaels and JoAnn’s.

Spend time alone/in nature:  Spending time alone, exercising, walking or just sitting in nature can help you connect with the feelings, thoughts, experiences and people who are in your life.  Daily/weekly alone time helps you to process and gain insights into yourself and your life.  This is a great time to journal or draw.

Do your passion:  If you have a hobby like knitting sweaters, playing with kids, painting, wood working or something else that you enjoy doing but don’t currently do as a source of income, investing time in this activity will help you reconnect with the you that gets buried beneath kids, work, finances and life.  Set aside weekly time to participate in this activity.

No matter how much you do you will never truly connect with yourself unless you do some thinking and contemplation while you’re doing these activities or after.  Using a journal is a great way to record your adventures and discoveries.  If you aren’t investing time in reconnecting with yourself, not only will your life not be as satisfying as it could be, others will suffer because you don’t take time for yourself.

What will you do this week to spend time with yourself doing something you enjoy?  Share below!

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