The Gift of a Flower

One of life’s great blessings are flowers.  This week in the USA is National Flower week.  And in honor we’re going to talk about flower arranging.

Size: Flowers come in all different sizes.  You could do something simple like all large sunflowers, all medium sized daisies, or all small sweet peas or baby’s breath, keeping the flowers all the same size.  Or you could pick one type of flower you want to highlight and add accent flowers to the arrangement.  One of the most famous examples is putting roses with baby’s breath.

Color: Color is such an amazing tool to use when designing your arrangement.  You can use flowers of all the same color, you can use autumn colors (orange, red, yellow), holiday colors (red, white, blue), or flowers that match the event (pink for girl baby shower).   You can also go with classic arrangements like one color flower (red tulips) matched with white baby’s breath, or one color flower matched with green sprigs of ferns or another leafy plant.

Other elements: Consider adding other things beside flowers to your arrangements.  Ideas include candles, berries, leaves, seashells, eucalyptus, bamboo, grasses, sticks, ivy, ferns, ribbon and more to add variety and texture.  Also, the vase or display tool is key.  Simple, traditional clear glass vases work well or you can get more creative with your display. Try using pumpkins or other hollowed-out vegetables, or covering your container with wrapping paper.  Also consider the impression that tall flowers (flowers with long stems) versus flowers with shorter stems in a shorter container will give you.

Arranging ideas: Visit any online flower shops (1800 flowers, FTD, proflowers, teleflora), Michaels, Jo-Ann’s and other craft stores (and their websites), and Google “flower arranging” (or something more specific) for great ideas.

If you’ve got a blog that shares about flower arranging, weddings, or home decor, share your site (or thoughts) below!

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