Celebrate Fall!

Today is the first day of Autumn here in the USA.  To celebrate, let’s hold an Autumn Party!

Snacks:  Family Fun Magazine  has a great selection of fun fall snacks including acorn dough nuts, apple pie dip, and monster mash (avocado dip).  Quesadillas, potato dishes (twice baked, mashed, fried etc) and corn dishes also remind us of fall.

Location: under trees brightly colored with orange, red and yellow leaves!  Fall is a great time for a picnic in a park or just an evening on your deck.

Decorations: for those of you who insist on being inside, fall decorations are necessary.  Many craft and fabric stores will have leaf garlands you can purchase in festive fall colors.  Pumpkins, both decorated (painted (get your kids involved!)) and showing off their traditional orange colors are essential for fall parties.

On the table: we can’t forget about plates, centerpieces and table cloths/runners.  To do something a little simpler, you could use a simple white tablecloth and purchase a table runner with a leaf pattern on it, as well as white or red plates, with either clear or white cups.  If you want to do something a little different you could get black or orange plates (out for Halloween) as well as cups that match or are the other color.  A great centerpiece are fall flowers, candles, and/or fall fruits and vegetables.

Activities: there are tons of great activities for all ages in the fall.  Physical activities include (touch) football, Frisbee, or soccer.  Other activities include painting pumpkins or creating jack-o-lanterns, make scarecrows and raking leaf piles to play in.

Share your ideas for an Autumn party below!

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