Sweet Therapy

Before the fall is here, let’s talk about a favorite treat of the summer and one of “therapy’s” favorite foods: Ice Cream!  Although many psychologist, psychiatrists, doctors and others suggest other modes of therapy and relaxation, I do believe ice cream will remain as one of many people’s favorite relaxation, eat-after-breakups, eat-after-bad-day-at-work or tough day endings.  What makes ice cream so amazing?

Ice cream is personal: You pick your flavor(s) of choice.  Maybe you’re a strawberry and cookie dough lover.  Maybe you prefer chocolate and coconut.  Maybe you like something like Rocky Road or Moose Tracks with extra bits of flavor in it.  Or maybe just simple and amazing Vanilla does it for you!

Ice cream is flexible:  Maybe you feel like whipped cream today or maybe cherries or bananas. Perhaps your day was so tough you just go straight for the carton without toppings.  How about a cone or in a cup instead of a bowl?

Ice cream is cool: Typically after a frustrating or tough day, you’re looking to cool off.  Ice cream is not only sweet, it’s also cool!  It’s more satisfying than a soda or cool water, and feels more rewarding than the delicious salad you’re going to have afterward (if you have room).

Ice cream is sharable: Although many will object that there is no way they will be sharing their ice cream after that tough day, maybe sharing that ice cream is a good idea.  Talking with someone about what happened and getting another perspective is usually beneficial (no judgment allowed though!).  You also are now sharing the deliciousness and amazing experience of eating ice cream with someone else.  Many things are just better with someone else whether it’s a good friend, significant other or family member.

Share your favorite ice cream and toppings below!


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