For the Teacher

I’m sure if you’ve got kids they’re well back into the routine and challenge of school.  And what elementary school aged kid doesn’t love to bring their teachers dandelions or other flowers they find outside as presents?  Here are some creative, yet simple, gift ideas for you and your kids.

Food: every teacher loves food.  If you go to an apple orchard and go apple picking (I’ll be writing about that soon!), bring your teacher an apple from your trip.  If one of the child’s parents love to bake, next time they make cookies, or muffins, bring the teacher a few (but not a lot).  Surprising the teacher with food is a kind idea, but don’t go overboard and give them a whole batch of cookies or a bag of apples. (Make sure you know the teacher’s allergies before giving nuts or fresh fruit (cantaloupe etc)).  Also, if you had a home garden over the summer, bringing in home-grown vegetables is a great idea!

Seasonal decorations: many teachers love to put a few seasonal decorations around their room.  A small, child-decorated pumpkin, a cute homemade snowman or snowflakes, something with flowers, and something beachy or vacation related for example.

Desk things: every teacher has pens, papers and other things they keep at their desk.  Visit a dollar store near you and purchase a desktop (upright) pencil holder like this for your child to decorate for their teacher. Another item many people use are bookends, which children could easily cover with paper and decorate.

Have you child write an adventure story about the teacher.  Encourage them to ask for help on spelling, reinforcing what they’re learning at school.  Not only will the teacher appreciate the thought, but they’ll also be impressed by your child practicing their writing and spelling.

Share your ideas for great teacher gifts below (and if you’re a teacher share the best gifts you’ve ever received).

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