Hiking Inspiration

Fall is one of the best times to go hiking because not only is it cooler, but it’s also beautiful.  Let’s talk about some of the creative inspiration you can find while hiking.

Relaxation: When you are relaxed, your brain can work best to inspire you with great creative ideas.  Taking time to get out in nature and enjoy the fresh air, as well as be immersed in nature will get those creative juices flowing.   It’s also great if you’re feeling blocked creatively, or uninspired.  Find out more about the benefits of hiking at another post I wrote here!

Trees:  Do you remember when you were a kid and they made you do rubbings of tombstones or strange objects?  Well, trees are great inspiration for a belt, bracelet, painting and much more.  You could do a rubbing of the bark, or bring your camera along and photograph the details you notice.  Don’t forget to bring along a crayon or charcoal pencil to do your rubbing!

Leaves: Take advantage of the shapes, colors and falling leaves while you’re walking.  Bring a bag to collect leaves that strike and inspire you.  Use your camera to take pictures of leaves traveling down streams or still on trees.

Animals: Animals are out eating food before the cold of winter, so it’s a great time to capture deer, squirrels, bears and other animals out in nature.  Just be careful, and keep your distance.  A great telephoto camera lens will help you capture the animals without getting too close.

Scenery: Whether you’re thinking poetry, sewing, photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, yoga or collages, taking scenic pictures can inspire you and be the source of many great creations.

What will your hike inspire you to create?  Share your inspirations below 🙂


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