In Celebration of Grandparents

One thing I love very much are Grandparents!  This upcoming Sunday, September 12 is dedicated as a day to celebrate Grandparents in the USA.  So in honor of Grandparents day, we’re going to talk about holding a celebration for Grandparents.

One great idea is to celebrate by hosting a ‘when they were young’ party.  Eat food that would have been popular when the Grandparents were young.  There are lots of recipes on the internet that can help you get creative.  Also creating some appropriate decorations would be fun!

Grandchildren should make a special gift (and card) for their grandparents.  (Grandparents love to hang homemade gifts on their refrigerators!)  Kids are creative so they should be able to come up with their own ideas, but if they are stuck, pictures, stories, crafty creations, handbags, decorative boxes for holding things, and clay creations are a few great places to start.

Another great way to spend Grandparents day is to take the Grandparents out somewhere special. Maybe they don’t get out frequently or don’t have their own car anymore.  Bring them to the beach, a nice restaurant, a park, their grandchildren’s next sporting event, or the Grandparent’s favorite place.

Grandparents are very special and very important.  How will you celebrate their amazing lives this Sunday?


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