I Dream of String

String is lots of fun to play with and be creative with.  It’s another great creative tool to always keep around the house.  You can use it for tons of projects and creative ideas.  Let’s consider a few fun things to do with string.

1-Friendship bracelets.  Friendship bracelets are great for the kids to make, or for you to get creative with and sell online.

2-Braiding. Another great activity for kids, or for using decoratively on other items like bags, blankets, etc.

3-Knitting.  Probably the most obvious use of string is knitting.  Knitting is a very rewarding creative project.  You can knit Christmas presents, quilts, and clothes.

4-Kittens and string.  If you’ve got a kitten or have friends with cats, you know how much they love to chase string.  If you haven’t had the chance to watch a cat with string, visit YouTube and see what cat owners have uploaded.

One of the great things about string is that it is more forgiving than other creative items and can typically be relatively easily undone to rectify a mistake. So not only does working with string help reduce your stress level, you don’t create new stress when you make a mistake!

Just a few stringy thoughts to keep you company this Monday 🙂


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