School Stress

School is upon us again.  I can remember from my school days that school days were some of the most stressful in my life.  What are some creative things you can do to help your child deal with school stress (or help you as a parent or school teacher)?

After School Snack:  They need to eat anyway, so get them involved in making the snack.  This offers them a great distraction and break between school and homework.  It gives them a chance to release school stress and gets the creative juices flowing so they can complete their homework with a fresh attitude and full stomach.

Friday/Weekend creative project:  Having a special creative project to do during the weekends or on Fridays after school gives the kids something to look forward to.  Planting flowers, painting, clay, making wood cars with their dads (or moms!), or something else special.

Homework: Let them display their creative abilities with the homework.  If they think up a new creative idea (something other than a poster), let them ask the teacher if they can do it for a project.  Let them show their creative, entrepreneurial, fun sides, or whomever else they are, through their homework.

Most importantly, talk with them. Hear them out when they’re frustrated and help them be creative.  Ask for their input for snacks and weekend projects.  Encourage them as they do their homework.

What creative projects do you do to relieve school stress? (share below)


2 thoughts on “School Stress


    Always had tons of stress, thruout Law School.

    Now, working as a lawyer…even MORE stress. 😉

    Ur advice is very useful, i am sure.

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