Exposing Painting

Painting is one of the oldest forms of art expression in the world.  From old cave paintings, to Van Gogh, to today, painting has captured, revolutionized and intrigued the world.  Painting is one of my favorite creative expressions, from finger painting, to painting pictures, to decorating objects, I love it all.

There are so many different painting styles.  I was looking at several pictures recently that were both floral, but both were softer and less defined.  I prefer details, and edges and shape, rather than soft and undefined pictures.  I’m not talking geometric when I say edges and shape, some simple, beautiful, floral pictures can have edges and shape, but not look flushed out and ethereal. Yet, many people do find less defined pictures appealing.  And I do believe artists who can create either picture are very talented and their work should be appreciated.  Here’s a few pictures from Google to illustrate what I’m saying:

Painting is incredible because not only do you produce beauty you can showcase in your home, you also can share or sell your creations too.  If you want to keep your paintings to yourself, perhaps sharing your artistic painting talents on glassware or collectibles is a more appealing option for you.  I find painting helps me to relax, focus completely on the painting and not on my life as well as helps me feel and be more creative in other areas of my life.

There are tons of places, including Etsy, Total Art Soul and 1000 Markets that you can showcase (and sell) your art on.  So I encourage you to get out there, be expressive, choose a style and be yourself!  What are you going to create today?

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