RESPECT the Break

Have you experienced the overwhelmed, completely done, feeling lately?  Maybe you’re kids were acting crazy, or you were so busy with work that you were just frustrated and exhausted.  Can you even remember the last time you had a few minutes to yourself?  Today as we think about getting back on the track of life, I want to talk about taking a break.

Why should we R.E.S.P.E.C.T. taking a break?

Rest is important for your body.  If you consistently work your body down to the wire, your body will eventually force rest upon you in the form of an illness or something else.

Enjoying life is essential.  If you’re not taking breaks chances are good you’re not taking time to enjoy life.  Sitting down and appreciating all that has become part of your life is important.

Socially you will be more fun.  It’s no fun to get coffee/drinks with someone who is yawning the whole time or complaining about how much they have going on.  Taking a time-out will help you have better relationships.

Psychologically it’s essential to give your brain a rest.  If you’re hyped up on the challenges at work and the problems at home, your brain can’t catch up and connect everything.  It will eventually require, like your body, a rest.

Enhanced creativity is often the result of a break.  You’ll have the breakthrough you’ve been struggling to get for the past hour if you step away for a bit.

Calm, relaxed direction is often the result of a break. You’ll feel fresh and ready to take on your creative projects.

Time is actually not lost but gained if you take a brief break.  Taking a nap when you’re body’s yelling at you will help you be more productive the rest of the day.

I would love if you would share what you do during breaks below!

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