The Brave Ones

It’s not always easy to be an artist.  From the description of ‘starving artist’ to the measly amounts some individuals get for their gorgeous masterpieces, artists don’t always have the respect they deserve. We also get a ton of criticism for our work!  From those who don’t like it, to those who don’t understand it, to those who don’t care to at least appreciate the work you have done, some days you want to throw in the towel. So what can we do after a particularly trying day, difficult client meeting or poor review of our art?

First and foremost, love what you created.  If you don’t love it, no one else will.  Loving your art, whatever your designs look like, and whatever they’re created using, is the first step to other people enjoying it too.

Second, to a point criticism is important.  We can’t become better artists without a little feedback from clients, teachers or fellow artists.  Yet too much criticism can dash an artist’s creative spirit.  It is important to remember that the criticism is not about you but about your design.  I know it’s hard to separate the two, but if you are going to keep doing your creative gift, you need to realize they do like you, and can help you improve your art.  (But if it’s an exceptionally strange, poor review, don’t take it to heart; maybe they just had a really bad day!)

Finally, look at the reviews and success stories.  Keep records of the great things you have created and people who have adored your work.  It will be easier to move past the criticism if you have some positive feedback to balance it out.

I want to close by adding a BIG thank you to all of you out there who continue to create and be creative.  What you have is a very special gift, don’t be afraid to keep sharing it!

What are some other techniques you use to get through the ‘starving artist’ days?

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