Beachy Favors

Last week I talked about different events you could have on the beach.  This week, as I’m inundated by wedding pictures from the 6+ couples I know that were married this past weekend, I couldn’t help but share some gorgeous beach themed wedding favors with you.  Here are 10 creative ideas for you!

Fans: These gorgeous fans are more decorative than many, but they were so inviting I couldn’t resist!

Beach Bookmarks: Not only would these be great for save the date, but they also are gorgeous reminders of your special day!

Kids Pail: Not to be excluded, I came across these adorable, and creative, pails just for your youngest guests!

Ornaments: Gorgeous memories of someone’s beach wedding will be remembered even in the cool of winter! (Hang them on your Christmas tree, or anywhere else!)

Candle Holder: This beach scene fits right in with your wedding decor!

Wine Glass: If you’re hosting a small wedding or destination wedding and want to give something special, these glasses are unique!

Bottle Stopper: Keeping in the theme, next is a cute sandy bottle stopper.

Salt and Pepper Shakers: These cute fish are great memories and functional too!

Picture Frame: Give your guests a gift that they can use to remember the fun all of you had together.

Cookie Cutters: No matter what your cooking preferences, beach cookie cutters are a great gift for all ages!

Share your suggestions for beach themed wedding favors below!

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