Stimulating Creativity

Today I thought I would share some great creative resources and ideas.  Of course, you can go online and search for project ideas, so rather than share more of the obvious, I thought I would share some out of the ordinary.

Twitter: check out what other individuals are creating.  Perhaps you can think of complimentary items.   For example, if you do wood crafting, make a jewelry box that compliments some of the jewelry you see shared.  Or stained glass projects to compliment garden projects.  Or you may be inspired by the colors of a necklace and use the colors in your next painting.

Craft stores: The giant craft retailer Michaels (based in 49 states and Canada) has in-store project ideas on cards you can pick up, as well as an email newsletter with project ideas.  Jo-Ann fabric and craft stores features a large selection of project ideas on their website, as well as in-store.

Sale catalogs: Looking through the myriad of catalogs you receive in the mail is another way to see what more creative/artistic/beautiful or complimentary items you could create.  Maybe you like one part of a featured item, and another of something else and could combine them or use them as the inspiration for 2 separate projects.

Farmers and Flea Markets:  You can not only find unique old pieces that you can add to your collection here, or modernize, you can also find ideas.  Maybe you’ll be taken by the beautiful color of an eggplant or drawn by the curves of an old mirror.  The scent of a herb could inspire a new recipe, or an old photo could inspire you to bring back to life a sculpture.

What are your favorite, and different, sources of information, resources and ideas for your creative projects?


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