Connecting with Nature

Today as we talk about healing, I was yet again thinking about how important nature is in our healing.  Two specific techniques I want to share are a grounding meditation and nature time.

Grounding Meditation: There are several variations on this technique, all involve a process of reconnecting you, through meditation, with the earth. I include links for 3 but if you search for ‘grounding meditation’ in your favorite search engine you may find a style that better resonates with you.  Also, using YouTube to find a video of a grounding meditation, that you can listen to while you practice, is also helpful (I included 2).

-Spirit Connection’s Grounding Meditation

-Lotus Heart’s Grounding Meditation

-Health Help’s Grounding Meditation

-YouTube: Video 1Video 2. (Remember it doesn’t matter what someone/the video looks like, you’ll just be listening!)

Nature Time: If you’ve tried meditation and it hasn’t really resonated with you, you can try simply immersing yourself in nature.  If you have a backyard or secluded park you can visit, take some time to be there, at least 5-10 minutes daily.  This involves sitting on the ground, grass, a rock, a towel/blanket, your shoes or something else, preferably not a chair.  The objective is to really physically connect with the earth and nature.  If you are in your backyard, you could sit on the lowest house/deck step and have your feet on the grass/ground.  Sit there quietly for 5-10 minutes, letting your body reconnect with the physical earth, listening to and absorbing the different sounds of the birds and animals, and appreciating the flowers, trees and nature’s little details around you.  Set the intention that you will rest there quietly and just be.  No i-pods, mp3 players, or computers allowed!  Let your thoughts be what they will, and try not to think about what else you have to do that day, but if you find you have ‘light bulb moments’ of inspiration during your daily nature time, it’s a good idea to bring a pad and pen with you.

These two techniques will get you on your way to connecting with yourself, releasing the stress of each day, enjoying nature, and being a stronger, happier, more complete human.  What do you find most soothing, or invigorating in nature?


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