Fun with Food Coloring

For the always creative, 10 things to do with food coloring!

1) Celebrate a holiday. Who said that colored eggs are only for Easter? Try decorating some orange for Halloween, and red and green for Christmas.

2) Design a temporary tattoo.  It comes off in a few days, but until then, you’ve got a great looking, done at home tattoo! (This is great for trying out a design you think you want before you actually get it done.)

3) Make colored, homemade play dough for the kids. What kid doesn’t like getting his/her hands immersed in play dough and creating different foods and creatures?  Don’t put too much color in or your/their hands might change colors!

4) Colored snow: Now you can’t tell if the yellow snow is from an animal or from your kid!  You can also write messages in the snow with darker colors!  Put it in a water bottle that has a squirt top or even soap bottle to use.

5) Make your own polka-dotted cakes.  No need to buy confetti cake mix, add a few drops to your next batch of batter and see what happens.  (Also great for coloring cakes to celebrate holidays!) (And you could decorate cookies too (try both in the mixture and putting drops on cookies before you put them in the oven)!)

6) On a similar note, coloring your (white) icing can be an easy way to always have the right color icing around.  Bake simple cakes or cookies and decorate with colored icing.

7) Make your own water-color paints: Check out this recipe (last one on the page).

8) Add some color to your ice cubes and spice up your next party or drink.

9) Color your glue.  Mix some glue and your particular choice of colors in a small dish, and you’ve got colored glue! Great for adding a little something different to your next craft. (Try it first for bleed factor on your chosen medium.)

10) Decorate bath salts for a unique and special gift.  This great how-to shows you what to do.

What other ways do you enjoy using food coloring? Please share below!


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